Best Exterior And Interior Paint Brands

There are so many brands of paint on the market. Making it difficult to decide which will deliver the best result. As a premium painting company, we strive to only use the best to ensure clients have a lasting finish that withstands the Australian climate. All paint brands offer several tiers of quality; good, better and their best (premium). To make it easy for your next project, here are our recommendations for the best exterior and interior paint brands and their premium product lines.


Henry George Taubman was a sign writer who was on a mission to find the perfect pot of paint that was suited to Australian conditions. He was frustrated with poor quality paints that were available to him. So he created the perfect recipe and recruited his brother and son to launch Taubmans in 1897. Ever since, Taubmans has been one of the leading companies in painting technology. Delivering a high quality and long lasting finish.


From Taubmans, our team uses Endure for interior paint projects. This is their premium interior paint that has applied advanced technology in order to protect your home against mould, mildew and bacteria. If we take a moment to put on our lab coats to look at the science, Taubmans’ has combined an antimicrobial and Nanoguard Advanced Technology to achieve interlocking particles. This fundamentally means that the paint allows for exceptional bacteria, stain and scrub resistance.

Compared with cheaper paint varieties or their ‘good’ paint range, you will be able to maintain the walls, live mould free, and have ultimate colour fastness.

The Taubmans Endure range has been approved by the National Asthma Council Australia’s Sensitive Choice. As well as having a lifetime product guarantee, giving you peace of mind. Endure offers matte, low sheen and semi gloss finishes in a wide variety of colours. 


For the exterior, Taubmans offers a range known as All Weather. This premium water-based variety offers superior performance, once again engineered with Nano guard Advanced Technology which creates a protective shield against the elements. With All Weather maintenance is made simple so washing away dirt won’t compromise the colour or finish for years. 

All Weather has a lifetime guarantee against peeling, flaking and blistering. It also has the ability to self prime to act as a UV blocker. This characteristic gives the best protection against the Australian sun. Leaving your exterior paint looking as good as the day it was painted for years. All Weather offers matte, low sheen, semi gloss and gloss finishes in a variety of their signature colours.


Dulux was originally established in 1918 as BALM, and began their growth into paint technologies. After years of production, BALM later changed their name to Dulux. They continued their venture of acquiring other companies in order to expand their product technologies and offering. Dulux was a pioneer for producing the first alkyd based paints. Successfully changed the identity of the Old English Sheepdog now nicknamed as The Dulux Dog.

The growth of Dulux has meant that they have become an internationally available brand. From their successful marketing campaign being easily recognised around the world. All Dulux paints that are purchased in Australia, are Australian made in factories within Queensland, South Australia and Melbourne. 


For your interior, Dulux offers a premium range known as Wash&Wear. The formula Dulux has devised for this range allows for easy cleaning and a longer lasting finish and colour. They optimised the paints mark and stain resistance, also incorporating 101 Barrier Technology to make removing marks and scuffs easier than ever. The brand is renowned for their strong pigments, being one of the few brands to offer the largest variety of shades that are bold and vibrant. 

They offer your standard matte, low sheen, semi gloss and gloss finishes. However, this range also offers specific paint formulas that make choosing the right paint for the job easy. Some standout characteristics of the Wash&Wear range include:

  • Kitchen & Bathroom semi gloss, engineered for high humidity and condensation. 
  • Super Hide low sheen, having a higher concentration of titanium pigment to make covering dark colours easier than ever. 
  • Anti-Bac low sheen, engineered to be particularly resistant to mould and bacteria that trigger allergies and asthma.


Amongst the exterior paint range Dulux has in the market, WeatherSheild is our top pic. This premium exterior paint formula is designed to be tough in order to resist all weather and UV conditions. Dulux has incorporated their MaxiFlex Technology to allow the paint to expand and contract with the surface during the change of seasons. Dulux guarantees WeatherSheild won’t peel, flake or blister for as long as you live in your home, giving you peace of mind on choosing their premium level paint. 

WeatherSheild once again like their Wash&Wear range have a variety of products within this line aside from the typical matte, low sheen, semi gloss and gloss finishes. WeatherSheild also offers:

  • ColourGuard, giving you the ultimate resistance to colour fade as well as resisting mould, dirt and stains.
  • Super Hide, offering higher concentration of titanium pigment to make covering dark colours within at least 2 coats. 
  • Render Refresh is a highly flexible acrylic paint, ensuring that all gaps and crevices are filled and bridged. This range is used on previously painted brick, concrete, fibre cement board and masonry. 


Wattyl has been established for over 100 years. Being the first Australian paint and finish manufacturer to produce 2 pot polyurethanes for the avid DIY-ers. Wattyl single handedly changed the DIY market in the 60s and 70s. The company has been recently acquired by the parent company Hempel. Hempel originates from Denmark, and has a key focus on moving forward with sustainability being the center of every project. Wattyl continues to craft premium paints for a variety of industries including decorating, marine, infrastructure and energy.  


ID Advanced is the top tier interior paint offered by Wattyl. Amongst this range, Wattyl created Total Protection Technology to give you a product that resists the growth of fungus and mould, and advanced cleanability, wash and stain resistance. Wattyl have kept sustainability as a focus by having an ultra-low VOC formula, having less than 1 gram per liter which exceeds green-building requirements. 

ID Advanced offers several finishes including:

  • Interior Walls Matt, having bacteria, stain and wash resistance
  • Interior Walls Satin is touch dry in 30 minutes 
  • Interior Walls Low Sheen is easy to clean, stain resistant and up to 16m2 per litre.
  • Ceiling has excellent coverage, a smooth flat finish and low roller splatter for cleaner application.


Wattyl offers a variety of exterior ranges, however the premium pick by our team is Solagard. With their iconic ad, cooking an egg on a tin Solagard certainly is one of the best against the Australian sun. Having engineered this formula with Total Protection technology, Solagard has guaranteed 25 years of resistance to peeling, flaking, and blistering. 

Solagard boasts features amongst matte, low sheen, semi gloss and gloss paints including: 

  • UV protection
  • Self priming to save time
  • Flexibility to prevent cracking during the change of conditions  
  • 100% acrylic to prevent chalking and uphold colour fastness
  • Reduces dirt adhesion, making cleaning a breeze
  • Anti mould formula
  • Breathable to prevent blistering 
  • Australian made product

Which Brand Will You Choose?

When considering repainting an existing area or picking paints for a new build, keep in mind the benefits of choosing premium exterior and interior paint brands. Their high end range can give you peace of mind through guarantees and key engineered formulas, leaving you with a long lasting finish. If you are unsure on which brand fits your needs, contact our friendly team today!