Maintain Your Exterior House Paint

The exterior of your home or business takes the brunt of mother nature. The changes of seasons, weather and location can all cause issues for your exterior paint. In order to ensure your exterior paint lasts the test of time, here are some issues to look out for. As well as solutions you can employ…
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Best Exterior And Interior Paint Brands

There are so many brands of paint on the market. Making it difficult to decide which will deliver the best result. As a premium painting company, we strive to only use the best to ensure clients have a lasting finish that withstands the Australian climate. All paint brands offer several tiers of quality; good, better…
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Interior Paint Trends for 2022

We have already looked at tones that are perfect for a winter makeover. Now with the warmer months around the corner it is time for a fresh palette! It’s always hard to find the right paint that fits the current furnishing and decorative trends. To make it easier, we have taken a snippet from the…
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How To Keep Your Business Running While It’s Getting Painted

It’s always an exciting time to upgrade the interior or exterior of your business. However, a lot of businesses are unable to schedule a time for painters to commence work due to the risk of operation downtime. Throughout the projects we have assisted our commercial clients, we have found some tips that will keep your…
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What To Consider When Hiring A Painter

Before you look to hire a painting company to paint your home or business, there are key considerations to make. Your research into the right company for you should consider workmanship, guarantees, reputation and more. To make it easy, we have broken down the key areas to be looked into before handing the project over…
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Why Do Painters Wear White?

Do you ever wonder why painters wear white? It’s not just because it’s a clean and professional colour, there are actually several reasons why painters wear white uniforms. Find out the history of painters uniforms and why white is still the most popular colour choice today! Skill Level Painters began to wear white as a…
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