DIY Paint vs a Professional Painter: Which One Works Best for You?

When painting the interior or exterior of your house or commercial property, there are many things to consider including cost, safety, convenience, colours, maintenance, and application. And should you paint painting yourself or hire a professional company of painters? Here are the most critical things to consider before you go out to buy paint supplies and make a potential mess.


You can save some money if you paint the house yourself depending on your situation. Paint materials, brushes and protective equipment are the main expenses. When you paint a wall yourself, you would inevitably end up with rough colour and gout. This can render the surfaces messy, and they will most likely require more than one or even worse effort, resulting in time and money wasted. Experienced painters are a little more expensive. However, they have the skills and knowledge to do a flawless paint job every single time.

A professional painting job involves planning and preparation, including inspection and priming of surfaces to ensure that no dirt, broken walls, rotting timber or structural defects are present. If something is out of the ordinary, the painter knows how to treat it promptly. Many painters depend on accuracy to prevent mistakes, and always ensure that their work looks perfect.


If you’re not an expert, preparations may not go according to plan. DIY may be tougher than you imagine, but incidents are more likely to occur if you have ever attempted them. When painting the interior of the house, you may need to reach high ceilings or place a ladder on uneven surfaces. This can be dangerous, even if painting can lead to a spillage of paints or bodily injuries. Hiring a professional painter ensures that he has all the equipment, materials, supplies and expertise to ensure that the work is carried out safely. Our painters also have full insurance, so you can feel safe to know that if any unforeseen circumstances happen when painting your home, the security of your property is assured.


Painting yourself ensures you don’t have to let other painters go home or meet with incompetent merchants. This can take up your valuable time if you have something more interesting to do than hang around the house. Painting yourself can be tiring and is much more time consuming. It can take hours or even days to finish a paint job.

Employing a contractor to do the job can save you a lot of time. It also removes the hassle associated with buying supplies and painting the walls yourself, because experts carry in their own tools, complete the job efficiently and ensure that your freshly painted wall is prepared and completed quickly. For businesses, the painting is finished in time for the company to start service the next morning, saving time and money. The biggest advantage of employing professional painters is that when they visit, they carry all their supplies with them, and take it all with them as they depart from your property. You don’t need to worry about used or dirty equipment and the clean-up time. You’re left with a tidy, perfectly painted house that you and your family will appreciate and enjoy through the years.

Choosing Paint Colours

If you want to paint yourself, you can choose both the colours you want and the number of coatings of paint. You may end up paying for a painting expert to restore your wall if you don’t like the outcome, which will cost you more money and time. If you’re booking a painting specialist to do the work for you, you need to decide first what colours you want.

The benefits of hiring a professional painter are great. A professional painter is knowledgeable in the treatment of different surfaces, how the paint will react to your surfaces and the best choice of colours for your property. Painting experts are also aware of the newest and most popular colours on the market. If you’re looking to update your house or commercial property with something trendy and innovative, our painting professionals can give you some guidance.

SAGE Painting can get to know your colour preferences, and we can seamlessly match paint to produce your ideal colours! A professional job is even better in the long term and you can believe that the work is done right.

SAGE Painting: Your Professional Painters

SAGE Painting offers high-quality painting services that yield the best results when you work with one of our professional painters for specific jobs like painting your home or major commercial projects. With our professionalism and honesty, we respect our customers and aspire for efficiency. For the highest standard of painting for any project, our talented painters are renowned for their skills and performance.

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