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Want to know more about the SAGE Painting experience or how we work with you to transform your project? The answers to these questions & more are down below.

We are proud to say that we are able to give you a quote back within 48 hours.


This is a common misconception that people fall prey to.

Just like any service based business, there is a level of quality with the person completing the job. SAGE Painting is proud to be Newcastle’s highest quality painter.

Another part to be careful about is what is mentioned in the quote/proposal you receive.

It is not enough to assume people will complete areas because it is standard.

Make sure your quote is detailed and leaves you feeling comfortable that you will have everything covered.

We really appreciate when our clients move the smaller items out of the way. We are happy to move the big, heavy objects for you.

We use plastic sheets over furniture and other items to avoid dust and then have an extra layer of canvas cloth to ensure that no paint can possibly get through.

We are happy to help you feel comfortable with the colour your choice and can supply a professional colour consultant on every approved proposal. This way you can have a conversation with an expert to give you more guidance.

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