SAGE Painting - 5 MUST KNOW facts before hiring a painter

5 “MUST KNOW” facts before hiring a painter

Don’t become a victim of a “Tradie From Hell”!

Use these 5 facts to protect yourself and get a beautiful makeover for your biggest asset.

  • Qualifications / Licensed and Insured
  • Reputation, reviews and testimonials
  • You can view their past work
  • Are they the cheapest?
  • Guarantee their work

Sean Hersee, the man behind SAGE Painting, is a 5th generation painter with over 20 years experience.

Sean, being a sage of the industry, has been asked many times to repair the mistakes of shoddy workmanship; the result of homeowners trying their hand at the delicate craft, or cowboy tradies who should know better. Making the right choice of tradesman from the very start is so important because not only are your stress levels tested, but the costs can blow out.

I have seen it all, from cowboys who paint everywhere except where they were paid to paint, to one-coat wonders that only last a week. I have a passion for my craft, so hearing horror stories about tradies from hell really upsets me. So many mistakes can be avoided by just getting the right team in to start with.
Sean Hersee

1. Qualifications / Licensed & Insured

You wouldn’t let an unqualified surgeon work on your body; so why let an unlicensed tradesperson work on your house?

This seems like a simple check but so many people don’t. There are many handyman painters out there that are not licensed or insured. The reason they aren’t licensed is that you need a trade certificate to acquire one, which mean 4 years of refining your craft and learning under a qualified tradesman. If a painting job is over $5,000 in New South Wales you are by law required to have a Painting and Decorating license.

If your painter is uninsured and an accident occurs where someone is hurt or there is damage, all costs, fines and court bills are your responsibility. Don’t take the risk.

Its is always a good idea to see their contractor’s license for Painting and Decorating: they can’t have this without having done the study into the trade. You are well within your rights to see documentation of insurances before they start your project. This simple check will determine the ‘cowboys’ from the professionals.

2. Reputation, Reviews & Testimonials

The painter you want is the one that Susan told you about 4 months ago. We all have a friend that is a “Susan”, She loves to tell you about how good her project went and if you were to get anyone you HAVE to get them. Susan might talk too much but she is right.

If you are hiring a painter you want to know that someone else has already had a good experience. Newcastle has great word of mouth, so if a business has done a great job or really bad job it tends to get around. If you have never heard of a business before then you should be wary. We live in a digital age where it’s very easy to get Google/Facebook out and find a business and it’s reviews. If a company is like SAGE Painting and has had a 5/5 star rating for many years you know you are in good hands. You can’t remove bad Google reviews so it’s a good standard to go by. Another great indicator of quality work is that they will display testimonials on their website. A trustworthy company will pride themselves on their work and the relationship with their clients and love posting them on their website.

Ask SAGE Painting for a list of client testimonials and hear from our past clients about their experience with the best in the game.

3. Can you view their past work?

Asking if they have photos of previous work is great to see their workmanship but can also give you great ideas for your project.

These pictures are usually easy to find on their website, Facebook page or Instagram.

Older generation painters might not have caught up with the digital age yet so they might not know how to open the facebook machine on the wireless to put a picture up yet. And some painters just won’t see it as something that they want to do, but you should still be able to ask for references of ex-clients that you can talk to.

4. Are they the cheapest?

This is one of the biggest mistakes made in the whole trade industry: Clients like yourself will get 3 quotes and then assume that they are receiving quotes for comparable work so just pick the cheapest.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. The saying “you get what you pay for” is what most people hear after they have gone for the cheapest quote and things have gone wrong.

The ‘cowboys’ of the painting world can quote a cheap price because they cut corners and use cheap materials. They usually don’t pay for things that quality painters have to like insurances or licensing.

You will be promised everything from the moon and back but after a couple of progress payments they don’t come back and the job remains half done for weeks or months.

Would you rather save a little bit of money now or pay for a quality job that will last years and years to come so you don’t need to go through this process again?

5. Do they guarantee their work?

Ask for a guarantee. Quality painters back themselves and their work so are always willing to provide a money-back guarantee. Make sure it is in writing as this is the only way that matters: a verbal guarantee isn’t worth very much. SAGE Painting offers a 5-year workmanship warranty. We guarantee the work won’t peel, flake or blister for a period of 5 years as a result of faulty surface preparation or application of the coating system.

For complete terms and conditions please contact the SAGE team.

Sean and the team at SAGE Painting hope you have found these professional tips useful. We have a passion for the industry and don’t like seeing dodgy paint jobs slip through the cracks.

We appreciate that you took the time to read this and would like to reward you! If you have an upcoming project that we can help with then mention, “5 MUST KNOW Facts Before Hiring A Painter”, and we will give you a colour/design consultant for FREE! Choosing a colour scheme can be a pain, so let us solve that for you.

If you have any more questions about hiring a painter or about your painting project, please contact us either via the CONTACT PAGE FORM
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