Managed Painting Maintenance

Maintenance is key for both Residential & Commercial

Our managed maintenance painting services will help you maintain the look of your home or business (if you're looking for a short SAGE DIY Maintenance video click here).

At SAGE we can help maintain anything from brick and stone, to metal ceilings and epoxy floors. 

Using our extensive floor to ceiling solution and leading industry process, you can fully restore the original elegance of your residence or commercial building by preserving the paint.

Owning a house, property or building means planning a regular paint maintenance schedule. 

Our SAGE Painting maintenance experts are knowledgeable in all types of commercial and residential painting.

 We offer versatile professional repair services to protect the commercial building from the elements.

Commercial & Residential Maintenance Painting

To make sure your home or business always looks great, we use weather-resistant paints. Our high-quality paint products prevent wear and tear, corrosion and weathering for your residential or commercial building.

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The foundations for a good painting maintenance project

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    Comprehensive Plan

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    Clear Agreement

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    Schedule of Events

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    Limited Downtimes

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    Clear Communication

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    Integrity of Word

Our crews can work around your schedule.

They can come to lay a drop cloth, tape and cut-in there, place a wet paint sign out and paint quietly through the designated areas to complete the requisite touch-ups.

SAGE Painting also provides paint maintenance services that provide our technicians with touch-up visits at regular intervals and on-call. 

This service contains a new range of colour-matched materials to ensure continuity within or out of each area.

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Trust the SAGE Painting Maintenance Experts

Our expert painting maintenance experts are equipped to talk about the next steps for your project.

We look forward to proving that our dedication to first-rate communication and sustainability that is unequalled within the painting industry.

Allow us to provide the care you need that comes from knowing your property is cared for by means of professionals.

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