We Paint New Homes & Developments

Are you a builder or developer?

SAGE Painting is a local company of professional painters that have been working in the Newcastle & Hunter Region for over 20 years. Our dedication to excellence and our reliability has made us the number one choice for many home builders and developers.

Our large team of quality painters ensures that we can complete any job, big or small, on time and under budget. Builders of new homes are under a lot of pressure with many things going on at once: this makes SAGE Painting the obvious choice as we are experienced, reliable and efficient.

Painting new homes

Painting a new home is a little different to repainting the old walls of an existing home. Below we will detail the process we go through in painting the walls of a new construction home.

Our paint team arrive at the property ready to go after all the gyprocking and sanding is complete. Power points, toilets, kitchens and light fittings all aren’t in yet so we are able to zip through quite quickly without the fear of getting paint on anything we will later need to clean down.

Choosing your
paint colours
for a new home

A new home is a blank canvas giving you, the homeowner, your choice of any colour scheme you desire. When choosing the colours for your home be sure to start with your personal preferences as a design base, after all you’re going to be the one that lives in the space.

A great place to start for colour inspiration is Pinterest or the Dulux website. Look at how different colours play against one another and work together to make the whole room come to life.

Think of the room you are painting: Is there plenty of natural light or will you be reliant on artificial lighting? Is your artificial lighting white or yellow, bright or dim? What purpose will the room serve? A kids bedroom will have a different feel to it than the lounge room.

SAGE Painting will always take the time to meet with you onsite and discuss your colour options. We also work closely with a number of interior designers who understand design and trends.