Residential Painting

“Always fight for quality, whether giving or receiving.”
-Walt Disney

Seriously good tradesmen

Most people are capable of painting a house by themselves. It isn’t difficult to wash down your walls, throw up an undercoat and then put a couple of coats of paint you bought from your local supplier. It’s a burdensome job, but it isn’t difficult. A few hard days with brush in hand and you can call yourself a domestic painter!

SAGE Painting however, can take your home to another level. Our exceptional team of residential painters are seriously good tradesmen – SAGE only employs the best in the business. Our professional painters pride themselves on steady, surgeon-like hands combined with an eye for colour and design. Simply put, we are the best painters and decorators in all of Newcastle and Lake Macquarie.

Painting Newcastle homes for over 20 years

Painting a new home is a little different to repainting the old walls of an existing home. Below we will detail the process we go through in painting the walls of a new construction home.

Our paint team arrive at the property ready to go after all the gyprocking and sanding is complete. Power points, toilets, kitchens and light fittings all aren’t in yet so we are able to zip through quite quickly without the fear of getting paint on anything we will later need to clean down.


Sage Painting Premium Painter Newcastle Residential Interior

Consider Wallpaper

Decorating the interior of your home isn’t limited to just paint either -wallpaper is making a comeback in a big way. Wallpaper is more versatile than it used to be with a greater variation in design and texture. Contact SAGE Painting and bring your feature wall to life with wallpaper. This is definitely not something you should try at home!

Painting wet areas

The wet areas in your house: bathroom, laundry and even your kitchen, require a little more thought and care than the other areas of your home. The paint you choose needs to be more durable and easy to clean down. The constant dampness from steam or condensation can take its toll on the painted surfaces in these wet areas.

Our painters use a high quality paint suitable for damp areas. Our paint of choice is hard wearing and stain resistant with a powerful mould-inhibitor. The paint is designed to be cleaned regularly without being damaged. This paint lasts about a decade looking good as new!

Interior Designers

SAGE Painting works with a number of professional interior designers in Newcastle. We find that having an experienced designer cast their eye over your living space can be invaluable. The SAGE team can offer some insight into what can work for you based on a lot of experience and knowledge of current trends, but a professional interior designer is on another level. Click here to see a list of the interior designers we have worked with before and are happy to recommend.


Sage Painting Premium Painter Newcastle Residential Exterior

Painting the outside of your home is a difficult and sometimes dangerous job, but one that can be extremely rewarding. A fresh paint job to your exterior walls can completely change the look and feel of your home and add tremendous value to the sale price. SAGE Painting are highly experienced in painting the outside of houses in Newcastle and understand not only the current design trends, but also the effect weather can have on your exposed painted surfaces.

We are experienced in painting over a range of exterior surfaces including weatherboards, bricks, steel and fencing. Whether your job is small or large our painters can help. Call the best painters in Newcastle now and find out how we can add value to your home.

Outdoor Living Areas

The outdoor living space is perfectly suited to the Australian lifestyle. The warm weather in Newcastle allows us to relax outside for the majority of the year, be it for a BBQ, a few drinks, a swim in the pool or even to watch the cricket on a backyard TV. More and more houses in Newcastle are adapting to this relaxed outdoor theme by ensuring a good design flow from the inside of the house through to the outside. SAGE Painting are very experienced in decorating your outdoor living space through the use of outdoor paints, varnishes and protective oils. Read our feature here in the Newcastle Herald on designing these living spaces. [link to herald article we wrote] Contact our team now to find out how we can bring your outdoor space to life!

The Issue of Safety

SAGE Painting are called on for these types of paint jobs more than any other due to the toll it can take on the painter. All our painters use scaffolding and harnesses when required and have appropriate safety certification. When using any sized ladder to paint the outside of your home make sure it is secure on level ground and that the top is tied off to a fixed structure.


Sage Painting Premium Painter Newcastle Residential Renovation

Are you looking to renovate your home or add an extension? Give our team a call to discuss your project; we have plenty of insight into the Newcastle property market as well as experience in painting homes that are being upgraded or made-over.

Painting for a renovation is different to just repainting your whole home. It is important to choose the right paint and colours to ensure a seamless transition from the old to the new.

The most rewarding part of a renovation is the awesome before and after pics that offer a wonderful sense of accomplishment. Having helped with the painting for numerous Newcastle renovations we have collected a number of our own before and after photos. Check them out below!


Sage Painting Premium Painter Newcastle Residential Regular Maintenance

The job of painting your home -inside or out- isn’t over after the last coat of paint. It is important that your painted surfaces are well cared for so you can enjoy them for years to come. After finishing the job SAGE Painting will provide you with some simple care instructions.

Aside from cleaning though problems can occur: a scratch, a hole, peeling or cracking are all problems regularly associated with paint or wallpaper. SAGE Painting offer a 5 year workmanship warranty. We guarantee the work won’t peel, flake or blister for a period of 5 years as a result of faulty surface preparation or application of the coating system. For complete terms and conditions please contact the SAGE team.

There is a large number of properties in Newcastle and Lake Macquarie that have intricate ceiling work as well as fine door and window trims. These features look magnificent, but it is important they are properly maintained to ensure they don’t become a peeling, mouldy eyesore.