To Paint or to Wallpaper?

The interior of your home can be dramatically brought to life with a splash of colour on the walls. The team at SAGE Painting have painted enough homes throughout the Newcastle region to understand the role colour can play in boosting the appeal of a room. A feature wall, for example is just as good as an expensive oil painting or a chandelier in changing the feel of a room.

If painting and decorating literally hundreds of beautiful homes in the Hunter Region has taught me and my team anything though, it would be that the possibilities are endless! The great thing about decorating is that your own personal taste and personality can come through in your home design. Paint colour and texture can do a great deal in bringing your dream to life on a wall, but what about the more classical, elegant designs? Wallpaper has been making a huge resurgence in the design plans of many homes. A sheer stripe on a matte background is difficult to achieve with paint, but with wallpaper it is a breeze. Wallpaper allows you to do anything you want on a wall, which is why its popularity is ever increasing.

More and more we are being asked to create a feature wall using a quality wallpaper and painting the rest of the room from the Dulux range. The results are outstanding! There are so many more options available when you use wallpaper, and if you just use it as a feature wall there is no need to go overboard and cover your whole house.

Like with anything though it is very important to seek professional assistance. Wallpaper can be a real nuisance if you’re inexperienced and can also be tricky to match to your decor. Call the team at SAGE and chat to us about your next decorating job, be it paint or wallpaper.