Trends in Backyards

Finding your flow

Fewer design trends suit the Australian home as much as the outdoor living space. In an increasing number of Australian homes a portion of the backyard has become an extra living room with homeowners looking for a relaxing space overlooking the backyard without sacrificing the design and comfort of the interior lounge room. This space can be a verandah, courtyard, pool hut or gazebo and many homeowners are drawing inspiration from the world over. At SAGE we are seeing everything from tropically inspired alcoves through to the more elaborate North African sanctuaries.

Regardless of where your inspiration takes you it is important to keep a few things in mind when designing your outdoor living area. We will point out some of the key things SAGE advises their customers on when planning their outdoor retreat. Firstly, ensure you are using high quality weatherproof finishes on all surfaces. This protects the surface from water, sunlight and heat and ensures you keep the area looking newer for longer. This is especially important in the Australian climate.

Secondly, promote good design flow from the interior through to the exterior of your home. Try not to create a huge juxtaposition that shocks the senses! This flow can be achieved through the use of colours, furniture, texture and other materials.

A final thought is the use of a prominent design feature. Whether it is a strong paint colour, furniture pieces you like or even an edgy sculpture, try to build the rest of your outdoor space around it and keep that as the central theme.

SAGE Painting specialise in painting and decorating high end homes in the Greater Newcastle region. We have extensive experience with outdoor living spaces and can provide valuable insight into your next project. We hire the very best talent from across the state which ensures the highest of standards are met for each and every job.