Exterior Design Trends for 2023

Exterior design trends for 2023 provides the initial first impression that people receive of a property. When it is a positive experience, the value of that home or commercial building can rise by 10% or more. If it is negative, the opposite occurs. Businesses have even more to lose because an underwhelming storefront can cause customers to decide to go with your competitor.

Our buildings must adapt to our lifestyles, being a way of self expression – but where do you start when considering an exterior painting project?  These exterior design trends for 2023 are a great way to feel inspired, making approaching your next project a less overwhelming experience! 

What Are the Best Exterior Design Trends for 2023?

At the heart of each exterior design trend are simplicity and personality. The goal is to create spaces that feel comfortable and protective.

Here’s a closer look at some of the most popular options that property owners plan to implement in 2023.

1. Health and Wellness Focus

The trend for focusing on supportive environments inside and outside the home will continue in 2023. Everything from the products we use to the foods we eat has become incorporated into this ever-evolving world of health and wellness. 

Our surroundings can have a direct impact on our health. That means our exterior designs must produce spaces that promote a higher mental and physical well-being.

Some examples of this trend include installing more gardens, using sustainable building materials and incorporating outdoor social spaces.

2. Home Office Emphasis

The trend of working from home, either telecommuting or chasing a side hustle, is here to stay. That means the office space is more important than ever before. Although the interior components are essential, you can only maximise your goals with a functional and stylish exterior emphasis.

Most home offices lack storage. Incorporating more of it into your exterior design is one of those ideas that can increase productivity by reducing clutter. From there, you can focus on comfortable seating options, built-in desks and other tools that let you stay focused.

Great home offices should also incorporate filtered sunlight whenever possible. Window tints and films that block glare are an affordable way to increase privacy while reducing the sun’s impact on productivity.

Another way to work from home is creating an outdoor living area that is dynamic – allowing you to work outside. Considering this in your design process for outdoor entertaining areas gives you the opportunity to have access to electricity for computing work, then transforming the space into a dining or relaxing escape once the work day is over.

3. Multifunctional Designs

Homes are more like personal retreats. We expect them to deliver more than shelter or convenience because of how much time we spend there. 

We want our houses to inspire us and provide several amenities that improve our daily routines. That process starts with an emphasis on the exterior design. Outdoor kitchens, backyard gyms or places where you let nature take over to support wildlife are some ways to support these efforts in 2023.

You can plant berries or fruit trees to provide food for local wildlife. If you like having friends and family over to visit, an awning or covered patio could be a trend to follow. Think about how you can enhance your property’s functionality, and then install those unique features to have your property become more supportive.

4. Laundry Rooms and Entryways

These two areas are typically the most neglected interior spaces in a home. A thoughtful approach to the exterior can change that approach. If you have a mudroom, consider adding outdoor elements that limit the mess that comes inside.

For a laundry area, create venting and light support while focusing on spaces for productivity.

As with home offices, these areas often need more storage solutions to become practical assets. That means changing your exterior design to incorporate more space through sheds, home add-ons and supportive indoor furniture.

5. Embrace the Art Deco

Exterior design is embracing contemporary art deco elements more today than arguably ever before. It’s a glamorous style that exudes luxury without being overly expensive to implement. Some of the best ways to approach this design option include geometric shapes, unique materials and bold colours.

Art deco became popular in the 1920s because it created a clash of textures. You have smooth wall surfaces while maintaining sharp and linear sight lines with exterior paint or decorative elements. Chevrons and zigzags work with low-relief decorative panels to create stunning looks in this category.

Another art deco element is the fluting and reeding that appears around doors and windows. These ornamental carvings create convex or concave channels, grooves or ridges that add elements of visual texture. 

Exterior design elements create the first impressions that people want to see. When looking at the 2023 exterior design trends, it is more than just designing outdoor spaces – it’s being inspired in all design projects. From spending so much time in lockdown, people have found that bringing the outdoors in, or creating dynamic outdoor spaces are important. To help transform your outdoor or indoor spaces, contact our team today for your free colour consultation! We can help you find how to bring the outdoors in, as well as modernise your exterior spaces – contact our team to help take care of your painting project!