Home Improvement Tips for 2023: Affordable Ways to Build Equity

Owning a home comes with plenty of privileges – and maintenance responsibilities. The priority should be to stay on top of the little things that happen so that they don’t become more significant problems. When your home supports the lifestyle you and your family prefer, it increases your overall quality of life. These home improvement tips can help you achieve that outcome while keeping costs manageable.

Tip #1: Monthly Cleaning

Cleaning out the gutters and maintaining the lawn are maintenance tasks that most homeowners manage independently. Additional repairs include patching drywall, replacing window screens and plumbing issues that develop.

Regular inspections help to catch problems early. When you begin a monthly cleaning checklist to care for your home, it’ll be easier to find issues while improving the indoor environment.

Here are five critical tasks to consider adding to your monthly cleaning routine at home.

  • Wash your throw rugs while vacuuming and dusting other carpeted surfaces.
  • Clean or replace the air filters in your home’s heating and cooling system.
  • Scrub the showerheads and faucets to remove mineral deposits.
  • Test your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms.
  • Clean the garbage disposal, then unclog your home drains. 

Tip #2: Update the Paint

Next on our home improvement tips list is choosing interior paint that spruces up a room while giving it some extra personality. This update can benefit homes with wood panelling or alternative surfaces other than drywall.

The cost to paint the entire interior can be extensive, but most homeowners can update a room without a significant investment. 

When updating your interior paint, it helps to remember some colour rules to ensure you achieve long-term results.

  • Dark colours tend to fade more when they receive direct sunlight exposure.
  • Shades in the red and orange spectrum tend to deliver more energy than blues or greens.
  • Consider complementary walls instead of contrasting tones when choosing paint colour combinations. Consider the colour of your carpet, tiles or wood flooring and pair it with a paint that works cohesively.

Grey tones are popular in 2023 because they work with almost any interior design while staying timeless. 

Tip #3: Tackle the Bathroom

Most homeowners aren’t going to gut their entire bathroom to create a floor-to-ceiling remodel. The cost of that improvement could be more than a new car in your driveway. 

Instead of demolishing everything to start over, consider improving the areas that need some extra attention. You could upgrade the light fixture to an LED product, re-caulk the bathtub or invest in a water-saving toilet.

Some homes have laminated flooring in their bathrooms. Ripping that out this year to put in something that is timeless and won’t allow water to seep underneath is an improvement tip worth considering. Tile or epoxy flooring can both be timeless options here.

Tip #4: Update the Kitchen

Another of our home improvement tips is centred around the kitchen. If you spend lots of time in the kitchen, there’s an excellent chance that it could use a thorough deep cleaning. Grease and grime are an invisible coating on your cabinets until enough of it builds up and can turn them yellow. In 2023, take a day to give these surfaces a thorough cleaning.

While at it, don’t forget to replace the filter for your vent above the cooking surface.

Some kitchens could benefit from a potential update. Consider replacing the countertops, installing a new floor or painting your cabinets.

If your dishwasher and refrigerator are next to each other, it might be worth investing in a complete overhaul. That includes moving plumbing, gas lines and electrical. It’ll cost more now, but you’ll save plenty later since there won’t be premature wear and tear to manage. 

Tip #5: Get More Intelligent

Smart home devices help your home run smoothly. It only takes a voice command or the touch of a switch to create convenient outcomes.

Multiple options are available today to help with your home improvement needs. You can control your lights with a smartphone or have robots manage your floor cleaning. Automation systems for the entire house are even a possibility. 

If you opt for a smart home security system, it helps to shop around for the best equipment and monitoring services. Each property has different needs, so take a few moments to see which providers offer the best deal. 

Tip #6: Don’t Wait for the Perfect Moment

The best time to get started on a home improvement project is right now! Waiting for the right time can cause some ideas to never get off the ground. Once you get going, be persistent about finishing it. You’ll find that a weekend’s investment can lead to some significant equity gains!

Home improvement and proactive maintenance can help you maximise your equity gains this year. If you need any help completing a project, be sure to speak with a qualified specialist or contractor you’ve vetted to ensure their skills add value to your property. For all your painting home improvement needs, you can trust our team to take care of your project. Contact our team today for your free colour consultation to set the scene for your home improvement overhaul!