Painting Process with SAGE

When you’re looking for a professional painter for your interior or exterior transformation, sometimes you don’t know what to expect from a company’s process. To make it simple, we always let you know every stage of a project and what you can expect from our team. Here is some insight into how our projects look from start to finish!


Prior to our team arriving at your project site, there is only minor preparation required from you before the painting process begins. If you have small pieces of furniture, artwork or decor, we advise moving them into an alternative room. For any larger, heavier furnishings that you’re unable to move, let us know and our team manoeuvre them for you! We strive to make the painting process simple and completed on time for you. So, we factor in the time it may take our team to lend a hand in preparing the space.

If your project includes wallpaper installation, many clients pre purchase the designs they wish to have. If you’re unsure where to start, our colour consultants will connect you with local businesses who offer premium wallpaper designs, and advise how much you should purchase for your project. Once you have your chosen design, ensure you have it delivered prior to the date of installation. If there are any delays, feel free to let us know and we can work with you to find the next best day for installation.

Painting With Pets

A common question we get from clients is what they do with their pets. Or if the paints we use are toxic in any way for them. With so many paints on the market, it can be an overwhelming process to source pet friendly paints. Our colour consultants will assist you in finding the right paint type. Ensuring there is no risk to your furry family members. Paint brands that offer zero VOCs (volatile organic compounds) are one of your best options. They emit little to no harmful fumes, making them not only safe for you but your pets too. 

Other options would include paints that promote being non-toxic. These particular paint formulas are created from natural ingredients like plant dyes and water. When looking at the hues on offer with these formulas, note that the strength of the tone may not be as vibrant as mainstream paints. This is where zero VOCs can offer colours that pop a little more compared to the all natural formulas. 

Once we get started on your project, we advise you to keep your pets in a designated space. This will avoid accidental consumption of paint or any spills while our team is at work. If we are painting a room of your property, while the paint dries try to close off the area. This will allow the paint to fully dry and be well ventilated. This will avoid them breathing in any fumes and rubbing against the wet paint. If they happen to get paint on themselves, remove as quickly as possible. As they may experience irritation from contact with the paint.

During The Painting Process

Throughout the painting process, our team is dedicated to getting the job done from start to finish with flawless results. Most importantly, we are committed to ensuring that we engage with clients throughout the project, ensuring that their needs are met. This means we utilise our entire team to manage specific aspects of your project. Most painting companies assign a single person to handle a project, this is where things can fall through the cracks. By using our entire team, we can ensure nothing will be missed and you have 100% communication from beginning to end. 

Through applying our whole unit to complete your job, we have the advantage of being able to have the best person in each area to handle – with fine detail – that portion of the project. Another aspect that sets us apart from the competition, is our passion for painting and decorating transformations. We love to see the end result of bringing your vision to life, crafting a fresh space that you can enjoy for years to come!

After The Painting Process

After every project, we strive to leave the site better than we found it. That’s why for all our clients we organise a professional clean up after the painting process is completed. We understand the need to trust who you allow into your home and we value that trust. We are ready to send a reliable team to help you make your home “as good as new” whether you are moving into a new home or are simply renovating.

On all our projects, we offer a workmanship guarantee to give you peace of mind on the quality of the project. Any issue or hesitation you have on the finish, always know you can reach out to your project manager or another team member. We can then organise a review of the work and coordinate a fix that makes you happy! All painting products also include a general product warranty, which we honour every time.

Have An Upcoming Project?

Have any upcoming renovation projects? Know that you can rely on our team to deliver a premium service with integrity and transparency. Contact our friendly team today to book your free colour consultation!