Safety While Painting

When preparing yourself to tackle your next home or office improvement project, safety is generally the last thing on your to do list. It may not be cool to wear masks or eyewear, but we can assure you it will certainly help you get to your next project in peak form.

Here are the top quick tips for painting safely:

  • Ladders should be inspected for any damage before each use and set up on a stable, level surface. If you have someone onsite with you, ensure they either hold the ladder or keep clear to avoid any accidental nudges for you to lose balance.
  • Wear gloves and eyewear when stripping paint. Many strippers contain harmful chemicals, leading to damaging your skin by dissolving the natural protective barrier. Overexposure to the fumes or contact with your eyes can lead to headaches, nausea, dizziness or burns.
  • Eye protection is necessary when working with power tools or dealing with debris, splinters or plaster can be flicked into the eyes. This can not only be as painful as a splinter in your finger, but can result in damaging the eye significantly, leading to impairment.
  • A dust mask will protect your lungs from harmful particles or fumes in the air.
  • Finally, some typical housekeeping like managing spills immediately to avoid slips and falls.

With these simple and quick tips, you can approach your next project with confidence and peace of mind, knowing that you will be ready to tackle the next item on the To Do List.