Exterior Paint Trends for 2023

As we get closer to the new year, now is the perfect time to organise a refresh of your home or business. Painting the exterior of your premise is a quick way to feel fresh for the new year, giving the building a whole new look. To make the process of selecting the perfect colour to enrich your home or building, we have highlighted the top exterior paint trends for 2023 that’ll make the repaint modern and in vogue!

Charcoal Grey

At the top of our list of exterior paint trends for 2023 is a rich charcoal grey. Repainting your premise with this tone will transform it from outdated to ultra modern. Many of you may question why this would be an exterior paint trend, and it’s because of the underlying dark blue hue in the colour that makes it elegant and a show stopper for any home or business. Compared to genuine grey or black tones, this colour’s depth will give a luxurious look and feel. For those considering repainting their home this tone, dress the exterior with native plants as the walls will serve as a canvas that makes them pop!

For businesses considering a refresh and want to be quickly identified as premium this is the tone for you! This tone will make your premise stand out and have a lux identity, making passers by believe your brand is professional and high quality.

Light Grey

Next is light grey. This tone can serve as a great colour to complement a uniquely shaped building or highlight features like wooden, stone or black accents. Light grey serves as the perfect canvas if you’re one for unique landscaping, allowing the flora to be the focal point of the home. If you have any unique lighting around the exterior, this colour will also allow for those features to be prominent after sunset!

For businesses, light grey is a contemporary tone that will be timeless over the years you trade. If you have a bold branding identity, this colour will allow any signage or installations to stand out to the public. This could lead to more potential customers as you are easy to find and front of mind when they require your services. As a neutral tone, light grey will be able to adapt to any growth and changes to your business which can save you on future painting costs if you rebrand or upgrade other exterior aspects of your business.


Due to the pandemic, we are finding that people are gravitating towards tones that connect them with the feeling of cleanliness. Painting your home or business white is certainly one way of doing it! White also connects people with a minimalist and peaceful lifestyle, removing the unnecessary things that clutter our lifestyles we desire to live. For those considering a new build for the new year, white is a perfect colour for ultra modern designs. It can accentuate the detail of the building’s shape, and can allow for other aspects like large windows and landscaping to stand out. 

For businesses, white is serving a similar purpose – giving a sense of peace and a fresh start moving forward from the pandemic. On the retail scene, white is a perfect way to create a focal point when you dress your window displays. It also is a timeless colour that can easily adapt with your ever changing product offering – regardless of the season.


If you’re looking for a warmer tone that is welcoming and cosy, beige is in for exterior paint trends for 2023! Beige is one of the most popular neutral tones for exterior painting, as we see a rise in people styling with organic ceramics – in and out of the garden. This tone also is perfect when combining with other organic exterior designs like incorporating stone in landscaping or feature walls. If you like bold accent tones for window and door trims, beige is the perfect choice to make them stand out!

For businesses, beige is a great tone to give an earthy, and organic feel. If you run a therapy based service, this colour can create a welcoming and natural environment for your customers. By incorporating minimalist flora to your premise entrance, accompanied by natural textures when styling the interior you’ll find customers will respond by relaxing upon entry!

Blue Grey

Painting your exterior in a blue grey is a great way to create a calming and cool environment. Many homesteads on properties are adopting the blue grey makeover, making them modernised and refreshed. This charming colour is seen with white trims around them home, showing off the depth of the colour. This tone can be a great way to devise a personal escape, making you feel like you’re deep in a forest where you’ll have peace and quiet!

For businesses, blue grey could be limiting depending on your overall branding. If you have light tones throughout your logo and signage, then you will be able to make your brand stand out. However, if you have a darker based palette, you may find it difficult to make this tone be cohesive with your overall identity. However, for those where it is the perfect match then you will be able to communicate a luxurious, high end and premium quality brand where people will expect the best from you.

Matte Black

Initially growing in popularity amongst the car industry, matte black is now being a finish of choice for peoples homes and businesses. Black in general seems like a bold or dramatic move when it comes to painting exteriors, but it can suit nearly any building shape or type! Matte black evokes a contemporary and sleek look and feel for the property, being inspired by Scandinavian home designs. This paint is one where it will accentuate large windows and your decking – we recommend the medium depth of stain for your decking, as darker stains may take away from your home’s overall exterior paint.   

For businesses, this is a one way ticket to standing out when you are surrounded by other businesses on a main street or in an industrial area. Even urban style commercial or apartment buildings are beginning to look outside the box when it comes to contracting a repaint of the exterior. Matte black will be a great way to elevate your brand from retail to strata, drawing people in and selling them on street curiosity of what could be inside!

Which Exterior Paint Trend Will You Choose?

Choosing the right paint for your exterior can always be a challenging task. Especially when there are so many elegant tones and finishes available. If you know you love the exterior paints trends for 2023, you can leave the rest to our team! Contact us today for a colour consultation to help take the guesswork out of which one is the perfect colour!