Interior Design Trends 2023

It’s that time of year where you’ll find the 2023 trend forecast for the design industry being published! Paint brands and stylist writers are giving you the inside scoop on the direction of design next year. Most of the forecast is still influenced by the pandemic, calling for simplistic, sustainable and authentic lifestyles. We’ll give you insights on colour and styling, giving you inspiration for transforming your home in the new year!

Colour: Balance Palette

This 2023 trend is a colour palette by Dulux is a showcase of gentle greens and marine blues. These tones are are calming, simple, sophisticated and aesthetically beautiful. This palette is inspired by the coastline, offering an easy way to incorporate a seaside look and feel within the confines of an inner city apartment.

Balance offers deep and light tones, so you can make a statement with a single wall, or an entire room. Choose styling that us a minimalist approach, in order to emphasise the wall tones. Restrain from decorating that will over clutter the room, and allow for your wall paint to be the hero. Stylists have reviewed this palette and recommend dressing the room with velvet and silk textures. Experiment with furniture that has exaggerated shape – preferably curved. You can also style with abstract artwork and decor that is organic in shape like handmade ceramics or wooden furniture.

Luxurious Laundry

A 2023 trend for those who are looking for a home improvement project is to create a luxurious laundry experience! It’s common practice in the building and construction world to do their best at hiding the laundry. Channeling their design thinking into the common areas of the home. However, now we will see more design energy put into crafting the ultimate laundry experience. 2023 will focus on the laundry being fitted with premium fixtures and fittings, as well as adding colour. Laundries will be getting bigger, being able to be used as a great point of entry to the home. 

The laundry is also recognised as not being used JUST for laundering clothes. This room will be designed considering those with pets. Curating the room to also be dedicated to pet care, having a space for grooming and storing food and toys. The laundry will no longer be created for practicality, but have heavy consideration on the aesthetic!

Colour: Connect Palette

The next palette for 2023 is inspired by nature, and the concept of bringing outdoor tones into your home. Connect has a range of earthy tones that bring warmth to any room as a feature wall or primary colour. The palette features Whisper White, which perfectly compliments the stronger tones. It can be applied to the ceiling as well as walls if desired. 

Many of the tones in Connect trigger nostalgia and the vibe of a country house. You can dress to this palette with simplistic furniture that are made from natural materials like timber, leather or rattan. Accompany your styling with stone flooring or side tables. Then add the finishing touch of fixtures that are made from recycled or restored materials. The Connect Palette truly helps you curate an escape from the hustle and bustle of your day to day life!

Wealth of Wellness

Allowing as much natural light in with large windows

Incorporating wellness into design is something that is highly valued moving into 2023. Considering everything we’ve been through over the last few years with covid, we’ve found how current design lacks incorporating wellness. So, moving into the new year you will find ventilation being important. Designing spaces with high ceilings, large windows, and incorporating greenery to make the home or office a sanctuary. 

Another way wellness will be influencing design is to curate a dining and kitchen space that encourages healthy eating. This can be making decisions that will improve functionality of the food preparation area. Or having a dining experience that you look forward to. This can look to include a beautiful outlook, allowing plenty of natural light or crafting an alfresco area that invites you out for every meal. There are so many options when it comes to designing for wellness. You just need to consider what is important to you.

Colour: Revive Palette

Most of the upcoming 2023 trend of colours are quite natural and simplistic in nature. However, there is always room for vibrant colours that take on a personality of their own. The Dulux Revive palette allows for the bright individuals to still be in vogue. Having tones that toots their character. These playful colours call to the maximalist that plays with unexpected colour combinations, and experiments with geometric shapes. The purpose of Revive is to have fun styling and bring character into the room. Being an instant mood booster – you can never be made in a room painted with tones from Revive!

You can easily dress and design this palette using either chunky patterns both on the walls or through furniture choices. Wavy and textured furnishings are a must, as well as retro graphic artwork. Revive is a palette that has united the 80s with the present. Being able to add retro influences with contemporary features. If anyone was looking for an instagramable room – this palette has got to be used!

Materials Matter

Terrazzo side table made from recycled plastics

Something that is drawing many people and designers to is furnishings or materials that are recycled. For both residential and commercial spaces, people are sourcing mostly recycled chairs, desks or tables in order to do their part for the planet. Nowadays, the manufacturers are channelling more resources into these products to make them beautiful and desirable. This 2023 trend provides a surprise to people who find out they are actually made from recycled materials.

Recycling materials can include using repurposed bricks for a feature wall within the home or store space. People also have been sourcing antique fixtures to create a retro point of difference for the space. By sourcing antique or repurposed fittings and fixtures, you are reducing your footprint while decorating the space.

What will feature in your next project?

These are just a few trends that will be setting the design scene for 2023. For your next home improvement or new build project, look for professionals to help you. They not only deliver a professional finish, but can advise on contemporary tones to help you stand out. Contact our friendly team for a free colour consultation, to help you curate a timeless palette for your home.