How to Choose the Right Paint Colour for Your Home

How to Choose the Right Paint Colour for Your Home

Painting gives your house new life or makes your house more marketable if you are selling it. With planning and painting from SAGE Painting, you can change your feeling of any room in your house and change shades for a new look or feel. Find out everything about choosing the right paint for your interior or exterior painting project.

Before You Choose a Colour

To achieve your vision for your house, remember the colour wheel. The primary colours, red, yellow and blue, combine to give a secondary colour like purple or orange. Colors near each other such as blue and purple are analogous to each other and will allow one colour to stand out more. Colors opposite each other on the colour wheel such as green and red are complementary to one another and will nicely play off each other. The more colours you mix, the more variety you will find. Seek which colours fit what you want in a room (or multiple rooms) or on the exterior of your house. If you are still not sure about which colours to choose, speak with a professional painter at SAGE Painting to assist you.

Interior Paint Colour Ideas

For an Elegant Touch

Neutral colours allow you to be more versatile in changing the feel of a room. By adding colourful accessories or painting the trim a new colour, you can easily transform a neutral room. You can choose neutral colours either lighter or deeper and vary the look of the room. Remember, the lighter colour you are going, the more spacious the room will feel.

If you want elegance and earthiness, choose from shades of rust, mahogany, or garnet. Make a simple living room into a classy one by opting for different shades of neutral colours such as cream walls with red-toned browns on the trim.

For Subtle and Soothing Feel.

Blues, lavenders, pinks, and light yellows are perfect choices for creating a cozy atmosphere of tranquility and relaxation. If you want a bedroom to have a relaxed atmosphere, pick lighter colours in either cold or warm colours. Even colours like sage green can transform a kitchen into one of comfort, and shades of buttery yellows in a kitchen can bring up memories of your grandmother’s pies.

You may opt to remain inside the same hue and use a monochromatic colour scheme such as choosing a range of calming blue colours. Any shade from this range looks perfect in a bathroom or space. Simply pick your dream colour and match them.

For Vibrant Ambience

Bright colours such as oranges and gold, reds, and deep purples are great choices for adding more flair and vibrance. Choose two next to each other like gold and orange and one on the opposite side of the colour wheel such as red, which go well together. You may also pick black and red for a true contrast to stand out. Pick two colours next to each other on the colour wheel, as one stands out from the other and make your room contrast well together.

The Ideal Exterior Paint Colours

Before you choose an exterior colour, take in your home’s roof colour, your home’s specifics such as windows and shutters, and daylight. You don’t have to think too much about clashing colours whether you have a black or grey roof. However, you would have to think carefully about picking colours for the exterior of your house if you have red, tan, green or blue gray undertones in the roof.

Keep in mind that the daylight will dramatically transform your exterior colour into a cool or blue shade. In that case, you may need to choose a warmer exterior colour that won’t become cool or blue during the day.

A light colour would make the house look larger and your interior rooms would appear more spacious and cooler. When you feel as if your house is sort of dinky, paint with a bright colour and spice it up. You might even paint your house slightly darker to make it look smaller if you have an enormous home with unusual dimensions and there is a part of your house that seems to be a little large.

Need More Help Choosing a Paint Colour?

Talk with one of us at SAGE Painting about colour schemes and ideas for your ideal look. If you need more help to choose the right interior or exterior paint colours, contact us for more information.