How to Maintain Your Paint on Your Walls

How to Maintain Your Paint on Your Walls

You may wonder how long the new paint will last if you have recently painted your walls or are thinking of using a new colour. You can maintain a freshly painted look by following some simple guidelines and extend the life of an interior paint job.

Apply Only High-Quality Paints

It’s crucial that you choose not only the right colour for your wall, but also that your paint originates from the quality of a reputable paint supplier. The better the consistency of the pigment, the longer it lasts, and even prevents fading from sunlight. This can save you time and money in the long run.

  • Protect your drywall. High-quality paints give the dry-wall a decent thickness, so the paint job lasts for years.
  • Higher levels of pigments than low-quality paints. High quality colour often brightens up the walls and ceilings and endures until cooking and smoking can fade the paint job.
  • Easy to wipe. High quality paint makes it easy to scrub off scratches, food contaminants and more.
  • Long-lasting paint. It ensures that the pigment sticks to your walls and protects the wall from rot, mold, peeling, and blistering.
  • High-quality paint covers flaws. It can cover surfaces well and hide minor defects in your walls and trim areas since it has more solids than lower quality paint. The paint will look lustrous before it must be repainted.
  • Your space will smell fresh. After drying and fully curing, high-quality paints can make your space feel warmer and smell fresher for several years.

Maintain Your Freshly Painted Walls

You want to keep your freshly painted walls pretty all year round after you spent time and money repainting your house. By following simple maintenance directions, the walls can look immaculate for a long time.

  • Wash your walls. You’ve already washed the floors, so why not the walls? In high-traffic areas, kitchens and bathrooms, cleaning and washing your walls will help your paint job to last. Pay special attention to areas behind wall switches, televisions, and bathroom or cooking surfaces. Ideally, you would want to gently clean these areas at least once a year. Use a clean sponge in a hot, non-abrasive solution of soap and water and then cover dry wet areas with a towel.
  • Dust your walls. During your cleaning routine, dust your walls and ceilings once every few months with the same dust cloth and treated sweeper. You can also use a vacuum with a soft brush attachment to clean the walls.
  • Repair any damage. It is necessary to repair the damage as quickly as possible if you find that your walls have become chipped or are peeling. This not only extends the paint’s longevity, but also keeps your home clean and welcoming. Fill and patch any source of leaking that may trigger peeling and bubbling in your walls.

Keep Leftover Paint on Hand

It is important to save and store a small amount of the same paint for touch ups between repairs once you have completed your painting project. While the cleaning and dusting walls are very effective, a little colour or other small imperfections from daily lives sometimes need to be covered.

For proper storage of your leftover paint, follow these tips:

  • Store your paint in an airtight container. This can be the initial or a healthy cover clean pot.
  • Place your paint somewhere at room temperature, or the colour may be affected by intense warm or cold temperatures.
  • Mark the room and date of your colour and paint job. This makes you recall the colours and when you used them in every room in your house.

Use the Best Painting Tools & Methods

If you want the best interior wall paint job, calling on skilled painters is important. Doing so will mean that when preparing and painting the walls, only the best colours, tools and methods are used. Expert interior painters will help you keep painting going longer:

  • Prepare the walls accordingly. Rest assured that your wall colour will go on seamlessly and stay around for a long time, from drywall repair to great paint primers.
  • Using the proper painting tools and equipment. To get the job done properly, a long-lasting interior paint job requires the right paint brushes, patching materials, and spraying equipment. Professional painters get the job done right by using only the best tools and supplies.
  • High-quality colours are used. Only the highest quality colours and the correct materials are used by skilled painters to guarantee a long-lasting, remarkable paint job in every space in your house.

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