Interior Design Trends For 2023: 5 Key looks to inspire your next project

When you’re in search of design and decor inspiration for your next project, trends you find are vast and varied. There are always new colours from paint brands, or textures that engage you in a sensory experience. We see alternative shapes in furnishings, structures made from sustainable materials, through to moods that influence the final project design. Since the pandemic, designers and trades are beginning to see how it’s affected the direction of interior design trend for 2023. Making us more ambitious to craft spaces that evoke an emotional response: joy and happiness! To inspire your upcoming home renovation we’ve decided to make it simple, breaking down key trends just for you!

Golden Hour

An interior design trend coming in 2023 is golden tones. Designers and stylists are highlighting the beauty in golden, warm tones when addressing wall colours and furnishings around the home. They are being inspired by radiant sunsets, designers are incorporating the warm hue to elevate interiors and create an air lux if you entered the space. Prevalent design houses are collaborating with fashion houses in order to craft wallpaper prints that serve as the hero in a space. Kirkby Design and Eley Kishimoto have been inspired by origami and paper aeroplanes, resulting in a design that appears complex and mesmerising all at once. 

Looking for a simpler approach to golden tones? Many paint brands offer luxurious palettes that’ll give you the warmth you’re looking for. Dulux has released a range of natural, and organic inspired tones like Cinnamon Sand. It can be a pop of colour on feature walls, or coat an entire room to create a personal escape. Within each palette, there are an array of complementary tones that can be pieced together. Or, be inspired for your furnishing and decor choices when you’re ready to dress the room. For example, if you’re not the bold type, choose Sandy Day and pair it with a more vibrant colour. Use a colour from the palette to help you choose furniture that will genuinely compliment the fresh paint job.

Image credit: Kirkby Design – Origami Rockets

Hidden Home Office

Another interior design trend in 2023 is having a home office has certainly been a must over the last few years. For some people, it is still the way they work even after lockdown. This is where designers have seen an increase of creative ways to have a home office that can be disguised when business hours are over! By being able to create a space that can be hidden away, has been able to give people relief from their work stress and help separate themselves from work to personal mode. 

You can easily spend a little or A LOT on a foldable desk. You can find a home office station that will camouflage into your current styling being sleek and contemporary. This makes it even easier to shut away your work. Separating yourself from whatever strain or stress you might have when on the clock. Another perk for foldable desks is if you have a small living space/studio, it’s a compact solution to effectively hide papers and mess. Not to mention how satisfying it is to close away at the end of a long day!

Image credit: Another Country

Borders Are Back

Outlining and adding accents to rooms, curtains and plush furnishings are quite popular moving into 2023. These borders or accents are free spirited, no longer abiding the rulers of being horizontal every time they are applied. Designers and stylists are using wallpaper borders on walls, trailing around the room and even outlining entry ways. This approach to interior design has extended through to curtains, having trims that are bold in colour and organic in shape. This trend is allowing for people to inject personality into a space, creating an escape room from the seriousness of work or the outside world. 

Introducing borders into design has also made people realise the freedom creating a space can have. People are valuing environments that bring them joy and those happiness endorphins. Designers are taking on these briefs with intent to move away from clinical design. Connecting as people and what our basic needs are to thrive.

Image credit: Susie Atkinson – Edith Wallpaper Border

Interiors Go Exterior

For so long, we have always spoken about bringing the outside in. But, how would you feel if we took indoors outside? A movement of designers are beginning to craft outdoor wash areas. Where they boast showers and baths in your own backyard. Designers are stepping into exterior spas, making your outdoor area feel luxurious and off limits to any common person. When you think about it, all of the materials that go into your bathroom design and build are all very durable. As well as most people decorating their bathroom with some kind of humidity loving plants. So the real question would be why not have an outdoor washroom?

The design around these outdoor spas heroes large shower heads and loads of surrounding green flora. As well as incorporating a hero tone in tiles that is complemented by neutral concrete or terracotta brickwork. We believe this trend is very much influenced by lockdown, finding any way to have an escape from the indoors without breaking the rules!

Ocean Hues

A final interior design trend for 2023 our team are seeing peppered throughout projects, is oceanic palettes. These tones are emerging into not only furnishings but on the walls too! Depending on how bold you personally want to be, you can go as far as exploring the Balance palette that Dulux has curated for 2023. Tones like Kimberly Sea are making bold and elegant statements in sitting rooms, or creating a calming environment in the bedroom. You can easily start small by styling with oceanic glassware that is organic in shape, and boasting blue green hues. 

For those who want to take it a step further, a variety of designs are crafting wallpapers that are vivid in colour. You can go for an abstract print work or go more literal in imagery, making a very special feature wall.

Image credit: Dulux – Balance Palette

What’s Your Style?

The greatest thing about design and styling trends is that they serve as guides. They are there to inspire and ignite your inner creativity. They help you think outside the box when you are looking at a new home improvement project, or complete renovation. If you ever feel overwhelmed, you can always trust that professionals like the SAGE Painting team will guide you through. With our expert colour consultants, you’ll have peace of mind that the perfect tone will be picked for your project!