Wall Finishes We Offer

There are so many different wall finishes that we have to offer! You can say goodbye to your common painting and hello to statement walls where our expert craftsmen and women can create a wall that has all your guests’ eyes on it. We have listed a few of what we can do, so be inspired to dive into the deep end when it comes to your next home or business renovation!

Venetian Plastering

A wall finish we offer that is a great way to craft a contemporary space is venetian plastering. It’s a modern technique that is inspired by a traditional style of wall decorating that was to apply a type of rendering to surfaces. This product is essentially a putty made from fired limestone or marble dust that is then mixed with water. Once the plaster is on a surface or wall, a treatment is applied that leaves the finish looking as though it is genuine marble!

Traditionally, this technique requires someone to be highly trained because the craftsman would need to manually create the texture using specialised tools. Fast forward to now, where we have an abundance of specially made products that can allow us to easily create this finish without the extent of training or skill. When considering having a Venetian Plaster feature within your home or business, do be mindful that you get what you pay for. If you purchase a product that is cheap, then this will impact the longevity and quality of the finish. 
You can apply a Venetian Plaster finish to many feature surfaces like walls, television nook, kitchen splash backs, partitions, built- in bench seats or even walls with recesses. The possibilities to design a contemporary space with Venetian Plaster are nearly endless!


Another wall finish we offer is installing wallpaper. For those who are curious, wallpaper was created as a utilitarian way to add unique, stencilled art to a room. Traditionally they consisted of abstract narratives, and were introduced shortly after papermaking made its way into Europe. Wallpaper has been assumed to be invented by the Chinese, however there is little evidence to support this origin. 

The earliest use of wallpaper prints and patterns in England and France. They were crafted by hand painting or using stencils across large sheets of paper. Decorative techniques began to emerge where the use of block printing and flocking produced various designs in a faster manner. One of the earliest examples of flocked wallpaper has originated from Worcester, made in 1680!
Nowadays, wallpaper is incredibly diverse and can be a wall finish that offers from real images, textures through to graphic based designs. You can get creative with wallpaper by installing it as a feature wall, splash back in a wet area (having high quality clear perspex to frame it). You can have your own image digitally printed, even get wallpaper that serves as a projector screen and whiteboard! If you’re local to the Newcastle or Hunter Valley area, you can source wallpaper from businesses like Baresque or Bristol.


A classic 90’s wall finish we offer is suede painting. This is a type of paint that is formulated to deliver a luxurious texture that is reminiscent of suede fabric. This type of paint helps absorb light, and can easily mask imperfections in high traffic areas. Suede paint has been commonly used throughout residential and commercial projects. Delivering a textural feature wall that is a subtle statement. 

In order to achieve a suede wall effect, there is specialised paint that has fine sand mixed in. Then, to get the final texture it is all in the technique of application. We create an X pattern that is randomly applied across the wall. This gives the final finish the illusion of a deep texture. You can have a suede wall applied as a whole feature wall or onto wall partitions to create a textural point of difference in your home or business.


A wall finish that is gaining popularity is chalk paint. This type of paint is not to be confused with chalkboard paint where you can write on the surface. Chalk paint finish delivers a look and feel that appears raw. This particular finish suits spaces that are styled for a vintage finish or give some texture to a minimalist space. A bonus to chalk paint is that it requires very minimal preparation. It can be painted over most surfaces excluding metal or shiny laminate. 

Due to its consistency, chalk paint doesn’t drip as much as your traditional paints on the market. Another bonus to chalk paint is that it is a water based paint. This makes the clean up so much easier than your mainstream paints. Chalk paint is gaining popularity for not just walls, but for giving dated furniture a new life. Tables, cabinets and tallboys are all being transformed using chalk paint – an easy pain free DIY project for the weekend!


A final wall finish that is on offer at SAGE Painting are murals. Throughout our time as a business, we have been able to connect with local, budding artists that are incredibly talented. This has enabled us to bring customised murals to our clients! If you’re looking for a feature within your home or business that’s more personal, a mural is perfect! Murals are perfect for children’s bedrooms or rumpus rooms. Outdoor entertaining areas, cafes, retail stores or offices where the walls need some personality!

Are You Inspired?

If you’re feeling inspired to revive a space in your home, commercial space? Contact our team today where we can go into more detail about the different wall finishes we can tailor to you!