Interior Paint Colour Ideas To Improve Your Emotional Well-Being

Interior Paint Color Ideas that Improves Your Emotional Well-Being

It’s not an easy job to paint the interior of your house. The right colours will boost your emotional wellbeing, and promote better sleep, focus on work, and more fun for your family and friends.

The colour you choose can have a significant psychological impact on your emotional well-being according to the experts. The colour of your interior walls isn’t just an aesthetic issue. It’s a perfect way to help you and your family to relax and enjoy your home.

Here are some brilliant ideas for painting the essential rooms in your home.

Living Room Colour Ideas

The colour for your living room depends upon how you and your family use it. Do you use the room as just a place to rest, read a book and watch a film? Then a shade of white is your best choice. Pure white is a calming and soothing neutral tone. Cooler shades may create a museum-like effect that can help draw more attention to artwork or statues on display. Greige is another versatile colour that works very well with nearly every decor and enables you to create more focus on your decorations in your room.

If your living room is more a place to enjoy than a place to relax, earth tones promote dialogue and cover scuffs easily in a high-traffic area. Warmer colours such as red, yellows, greens, and oranges can encourage conversation and banter in your living room.

Kitchen Paint Colour Ideas

If you have memories of spending quality time in the kitchen when you were a child, it’s the best idea to recreate the same colour scheme in your present kitchen, according to the colour consultants. For example, you can use the same white and violet tones in your current kitchen if you have grown up in a kitchen with similar colours. The mixture of modern style and familiar colours would produce a pleasant nostalgic feeling.

If this is not the case, you can paint your kitchen red and yellow. The restaurant industry has used such colours for decades, and it is a well-known (though not well-understood) fact that such colours motivate customers to consume more food quickly.

Bedroom Paint Colour Ideas

The bedroom is the perfect place to relax by yourself and with your partner. Choose cool colours like blues, greens, and lavenders, because cool colours add a relaxing effect to your bedroom.

The best colours for encouraging deep sleep and a sensual atmosphere are darker shades of blue. Psychologists believe it encourages rest, relaxation, and comfort.. Although it is unlikely to have any therapeutic effect, there is a middle ground: If you want to be comfortable in your bedroom, any chronic stress-linked conditions, such as high blood pressure and arthritis, may also improve.

A deeper colour like red appears to raise blood pressure and heart rate so do not use dark colour schemes.

Bathroom Paint Colour Ideas

The safest option is to stick with the classic white and warm colours for your bathroom. White and warm colours have always been popular choices for bathrooms because of their sense of spotlessness and purity. Reassuring colours like blue and green are great for your bathroom as they also make you feel clean and fresh. Yellow is also a great choice for bathrooms, where it is energizing and uplifting.

When you choose a bathroom paint colour, one thing to remember is how it looks around you. When you look into your bathroom mirror, you would want to surround yourself with a colour that flatters you-so don’t paint your bathroom a colour you’d never wear in your daily life.

Home Office Colour Ideas

If you work from home, you want a colour that helps you stay focused while reducing stress. Look for relaxing colours that provide a sense of comfort for long periods. Psychology teaches us that blue and green colours will help increase productivity and innovation. A rich dark green colour will make a small office space cozy and comfortable–perfect for reading, writing, and working at your desk. The right green shade evokes nature and calms you naturally, allowing you to focus on your work. You can integrate more colour in the rest of your décor by adding neutral shades of gray or even black.

Choosing the right colours has been proven to affect your mind and body to make the most of your spaces. This is the intersection of science and design, which makes your home feel good. Everybody’s colour choices are entirely personal: take the time to look at samples and find shades right for you and your room. Contact us for more colour suggestions on your interior home painting project.