Painting versus Wallpaper: Which One is Best for You?

Painting versus Wallpaper_ Which One is Best for You

The choices of painting and wallpaper don’t have to be a “versus” decision. Before you complete your idea, study up on whether to use paint or wallpaper in a room. There’s way more to it than just the color scheme!


Paint is is the easiest, most inexpensive choice. Painting needs far less time to plan than wallpaper. You can do a simple design using an additional stir-in, and painters can use special techniques to create interesting textures. Semi-gloss and high-gloss finishes are strong and are usually used for trimming, exterior doors, and so on. Over time, surfaces repel moisture and hold up to the wear and tear that a kitchen or bathroom is receiving. Painted walls can last from 5 to 15 years with occasional touch-ups. These are the reasons many customers choose paint as their primary wall color. You’re likely to change the wall colors of the bedroom or have some loss of walls, particularly if you have children.

Paint can also be an immense challenge to handle. The paint will chip and require occasional repainting every three or five years – even more frequently for areas with high traffic. You must be aware of choosing the right colours for your home, especially if you want dark colours. For example, if you want a lighter colour, your current dark red living room would be a big project! 


Wallpaper has been a key factor of home design over the years, but in recent decades its popularity has declined. However, wallpaper remains a classic. One reason wallpaper is because it will last around 15 years, which is great news for older customers who will not change their decor soon. These are very long-lasting and can deal with the wear and tear, heavy traffic areas, and are easily scrubbable. The wallpaper can range between smooth and very textured, bringing renewed life into a room. For small areas of well-ventilated kitchens and bathrooms, some wallpaper types may be a better choice than paints.

Yet, there are still more inconveniences with wallpaper. The first one is that wallpaper must be properly applied, or they will look awful. The second is that wallpaper poses a challenge for removal. Wallpaper removal can be a frustrating process, requiring patience and the right tools.  Chemicals or stripping tools may strip wallpapers, but attention should be paid to this or the wall can be damaged.

Wallpaper can also damage or affect the wall itself more. There are many things that can go wrong in wallpaper over the years, from chipping to peeling. With the use of adhesive, high moisture rooms, such as bathrooms and kitchens, can cause wallpaper to peel away from walls. Your best bet is to decorate smaller accent walls with wallpaper instead of committing them to an entire room.

Bathroom, Kitchen, and Bedrooms

Our advice is to paint all rooms that have high levels of moisture! In areas with steam or some other moisture, wallpaper does not do well, so sticking to paint keeps your interior walls undamaged. You can also brighten up your smaller areas of your home with paint.

In the bedroom, you’d best adhere to paint just because you would probably paint bedrooms more often than any other room. As people grow up and change over time, they want to express their personality with their bedroom: It is the most intimate place! Young adults certainly don’t want the same hue of green they wanted at five.

Living Room and Dining Room

You have more flexibility in choosing paint or wallpaper for your living and dining rooms. You can start with paint. Paint is well-suited for young families and shifts in taste. Paint can be easily updated or changed.

It’s easy to substitute with wallpaper but not the other way around! The wallpaper will last several years to work if properly applied and will add depth to the space. It is a commitment to both the job and budget, but a neutral wallpaper can give a more elegant look at the living and dining rooms than plain paint.

Do you have to pick one?

Choosing between wallpaper and paint is influenced by your space and how much time you’re willing to maintain it. Regardless of the method you use, getting the application done right is the best choice and you should not cut corners in your preparation. Call the SAGE Painting Company to get the paint lines right and help you make the best choice for your space.