Interior Paint Trends for 2022

We have already looked at tones that are perfect for a winter makeover. Now with the warmer months around the corner it is time for a fresh palette! It’s always hard to find the right paint that fits the current furnishing and decorative trends. To make it easier, we have taken a snippet from the 2022 interior paint trends so you can find the right tone to suit your space. The featured colours taken from Dulux are here to inspire you for your next home improvement project. Especially with spring just around the corner!

Beautifully Playful

Struggling to find a way to add character to a room? These tones is sure to solve your problems! In this palette, there are two tones that are bright and full of personality. When paired together, create a fabulous contrast. If you have a room that is in need of improvement, this palette will revive it. Suitable for either a child’s or adults bedroom, through to the rumpus or living room.

Firstly we look at Edvard, a deep turquoise green that can strangely enough be both a burst of colour but neutral. It is neither feminine or masculine so it can be diverse in any room, and compliment organic toned furnishings. Edvard can also be easily paired with vibrant and patterned furniture or plush cushions, providing a contrast that will pop. Creating fun and excitement for the room. 

You can easily pair this tone with Vivid White, providing a clean and stunning frame around Edvard. Simply paint the ceiling or walls. Don’t be concerned if you feel the room may be too dim. As these interior paints make the space feel open and bright! This palette being named ‘Beautifully Playful’ is the perfect description for these tones, giving the space a rich personality.

Mix & Match

Next interior paint trend for 2022 is a subtle pastel range of tones. They’re subdued while still adding colour to the room. This range goes perfectly with those who love collecting alternative furniture and decor. Including rattan furniture, tapestry cushions or wall hangings. If Edvard isn’t quite for you, consider this range where you can mix and match not only your colours, but also your furnishings. 

Green Celery looks better than it sounds! Suiting perfectly for a feature wall or decking out the whole room, leaving the statement pieces to tell the story. This tone allows you the freedom to mix and match alternative patterns and textures. If you taste is more eclectic these colours will compliment your style, remaining quite contemporary. However, if alternative furnishings aren’t your style, don’t worry, as sleek and geometric styling goes perfectly with this colour! Add this shade of green to your studio, bedroom, or create quirky accents on your pending DIY furniture projects.

If green isn’t quite your colour, another tone in this trend family is Sassy. This contemporary and pastel tone of orange compliments any room, just as Celery Green would. Allow the paint to let your furniture and decor take the stage. Sassy compliments white, natural wood and uniquely shaped fixtures and furnishings. If you’re one for the more modern gold or white light fixtures and decor, Sassy is the perfect way to accentuate their beauty!

Once again, you will find Vivid White being paired with Green Celery and Sassy. It frames the space and makes it feel open and bright – perfect for the upcoming warmer months! As mentioned before, you don’t have to just use these tones for your walls. If you have furniture or a DIY you have been putting off – these colours are perfect to spruce them up and be in vogue!

Nourish Your Senses

The final palette to make it into the 2022 list of trending interior colours, is Nourish Your Senses. This is a great way to paint a room in a timeless tone that you won’t grow out of. If you’re looking to simply add an accent colour to compliment your styling throughout the home, or just decorate a single space, this palette is perfect for the brief!

New Penny is a beautiful, earthy, warm tone that can easily be applied as a feature throughout the home. This tone creates an organic look and feel for any space. Being easily paired with your natural wood furnishings, or light organic toned linens. We have seen New Penny create a bedroom or reading nook become a meditative space for our clients. If you are more inclined to the earthy, organic and neutral interior styling, you simply can’t look past this palette. Feeling this particular tone is too dark for your space? There are so many brown, earthy interior paints that are lighter to suit your needs!

In this particular palette, a new white is on the market to compliment your warmer based paint colours. Stowe White is much softer than your mainstream whites, allowing the room to have a softer first impression. There are 100s if not 1000s of whites out there, and some are just too stark to compliment the room you look to renovate. So it’s a relief to find that there are more subtle whites out there that suit a contemporary and organically styled space. You can easily pair Stowe White with New Penny, or any other natural, warm tone paints on the market.

What Palette Is For You?

If you are still unsure on what trend sings to you, always know you can get a free colour consultation with our friendly team! Their knowledge is extensive when it comes to understanding what colours work best for a space. Considering aspects of a space like amount of natural light, your mood board and the style you aim to achieve. If you are looking for more trending tones for 2022, check out our other blog post. 2022 Colour Forecast: 6 Tones to Welcome You Home This Winter will inspire you for your next home improvement project!