How To Keep Your Business Running While It’s Getting Painted

It’s always an exciting time to upgrade the interior or exterior of your business. However, a lot of businesses are unable to schedule a time for painters to commence work due to the risk of operation downtime. Throughout the projects we have assisted our commercial clients, we have found some tips that will keep your business operating during a painting refresh!

Negotiating Workable Hours

When contacting a painting company to update your business interior or exterior, you have the ability to negotiate workable hours. Identify periods where there is less foot traffic, ask your contractor to work within those times to avoid customer disruption. Some companies like us are flexible. We are able to also conduct painting outside of your trading hours in the evening, overnight or even on weekends. This may incur a slightly higher cost to account for penalty rates for employees. However, could be worth it when considering how customers may react to work performed when visiting your store or office. 

Consider school holidays, as this may be a time where there is a lull in customers entering your premise. If you have an office where most work is conducted online, this may be a great way to minimise downtime in productivity as employees can work from home. Some people are sensitive to paint fumes, so working from home can maintain adequate work health and safety. Unsure how staff feel about being in the office while painting is conducted? Send out a quick survey and understand their thoughts. You can alternatively opt for the work to be completed over days where staff are not in like the weekend.

Establish Work Zones

If you have an office or store front, speak with your contractor about how they plan to establish work zones. Zones account for health and safety based on premise size and how many staff or customers can safely be in the space. These zones can help you adequately plan for your day and manoeuvre furniture or sales goods to keep you operational. Without establishing work zones, chaos may occur with staff and customers trying to navigate the space while painting is occurring. If you have the space in your premise, create an unoccupied zone to maintain air quality, reduce noise and disruption to staff or customers.

Notify Customers

Another great tactic after engaging with your painter, is to notify your customers on the upcoming changes. This gives them the choice for exposing themselves to the site, and can reduce customer and staff complaints. Use several forms of communication to contact and inform those who may be affected by the disruption. Use signs around the premise, email newsletters and highlight in staff meetings to keep time and dates front of mind. 

If your business has social media, create several posts that alert customers of the upcoming work. This can allow people to effectively plan it if they wish to avoid being around the project. By being proactive in notifying your community, you minimise disruption to your painters. As well as show that you care for health and safety if customers plan visiting your business on that day. Use language like ‘temporary’ and acknowledge that it may pose as an inconvenience. This can heavily reduce any conflict with customers or staff after the work commences.

Handle Complaints

Inevitably, there will always be that one person who wants to voice their opinion in a negative way. Handling these complaints should be on your to do list in the lead up of the paint works. This prepares yourself and other front of house staff to deal with them appropriately. Consider drafting prompt responses that are kind and appreciate their input on the situation to deescalate the conversation. It’s always handy to appoint a single staff member to handle these conversations. They can relay a message that will be consistent to those who voice a complaint. You may feel that you lose customers, however if handled in a sensitive and considerate manner, that customer can feel heard and they’re more likely to return at a later date.

Boast Your Upgrade

The final tip for maintaining your business operations during paint works, is to boast the upgrade! Make it a highlight to your customers and staff. Outline how beneficial it is to not only the business but them too. Create a social media plan in the lead up and after the work is completed. Show off just how good the upgrade is. People are more likely to engage with your business to see the transformation if they know it’s the pipeline! They will be curious to see the transformation for themselves, and could potentially draw in more customers. 

If your business has a website, promote the change on the home page and send out a newsletter to your email list bragging about the transformation. Some people believe bragging is negative. However it can show that the business is going well, and highlight attention to detail is important to you.

What Are You Waiting For?

SAGE Painting is committed to transforming commercial spaces. Making them premium for not only the business but for their customer experience as well. We strive to make the process as simple and easy as possible to avoid disruption to productivity. If you have any questions that have gone unanswered, contact our team today so we can put your mind at ease and transform your business!