What To Consider When Hiring A Painter

Before you look to hire a painting company to paint your home or business, there are key considerations to make. Your research into the right company for you should consider workmanship, guarantees, reputation and more. To make it easy, we have broken down the key areas to be looked into before handing the project over and hiring a painter!

What’s Included

Some painting companies when delivering a quote or proposal for the work you need done, won’t include crucial equipment needed. This can lead to surprise charges at the conclusion of the project and may extend outside of your outlined budget. When approaching potential painting companies, ask for the company to outline each cost as a line item on the quote. Things that may be required to complete paint works can include scaffolding, scissor lifts, additional tradespeople for potential repairs, preparation materials, professional clean up or even safety gear.


A painting company’s workmanship is certainly a very important aspect to consider prior to engaging with them for your project. When looking into a company’s workmanship, there are several ways to ‘fact check’ them. You can start by looking over their website and review their painting portfolio. If they have serviced public venues or shopping centres, visit the site location and inspect the finish. 

You can also contact the venue owner and ask for their review of the work and professionalism of the painter. Questions could include: Did it meet expectations? Had they behaved in a professional manner? Has the product withstood time and lasted as long as the company recommended? 

Another question to ask is how the products and paints used compare to the previous finish they had. It may feel awkward to interrogate their previous clients, however you’ll certainly thank yourself as the company may not be as good as you thought. Leading to excess spending on fixing the project years before you actually should.


Another way you can check if a painting company will be the one for you, is to review their guarantees. What this can be is the guarantees or warranties for products, paints and workmanship. For SAGE Painting, we offer between 7-10 years workmanship guarantee. This gives our clients peace of mind when engaging us in their projects. 

What this means for you is that if the paint peels, bubbles or simply doesn’t uphold to expectations, we will return and amend the issue. We’re able to offer this extensive guarantee as we use premium paint and products that are crafted to stand the test of time. This gives you a premium finish for years to come, saving you money over the lifetime of the paint. If you find issues with the work or the paint itself, we strive to return, inspect the issues, and resolve them with you to ensure you are completely satisfied with the works.

Not many companies offer this or are transparent with their product warranties or guarantees. Let alone cover the workmanship their employees workmanship. This could be due to poorly trained staff, or using cheap materials that’ll leave you needing to contract someone else to fix the project. Transparency of a company should be seen to make or break the deal on engaging with them. If you feel there is information missing online or when you make contact with them, compare them to another company to see what they may not be telling you. This can result in saving you time, money and disappointment when you do this kind of background check!


An easy way to identify a worthy painting company to take on your project is their reputation. Look at their google reviews, and how many of those are positive 4-5 star level feedback. People can also review companies on their social media pages like Facebook. Looking over both of these platforms can give you a sound idea of their reputation, both residential and commercially. 

It is also worthwhile exploring their social media pages. Inspect how active they are and how many people engage with them. If they’re an established and reputable business within the community, fellow businesses and people will support them on social media. Most common platforms are Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn, where their portfolio and community engagement can be reviewed. You can explore if customers have tagged them in posts where they outline the quality of their work, and satisfaction.

A painting company’s reputation can also be measured by awards won and nominated in. Check out your local business award groups or associations like HIA, Master Builders or Master Painters to see if the company has been nominated or been given an award. This can give you reassurance that the community and professionals of their trade have recognised the company. Some painters will also post on social media or their website about awards they may have won over the years.


The final consideration to look into prior to hiring a painter is their timeliness. If a project doesn’t run on time, the budget and quality of work can be affected. The most frustrating thing that could happen is you receive an invoice that exceeds what you expected, as well as going above what you had planned to spend. 

The best way to ensure the company predicted accurately and works within the estimated time is contacting their past clients. If you’re residential or commercial, the company should be more than willing to connect you with previous clients with similar projects. This way you can talk through with them on their satisfaction, workmanship, timeliness and budget accuracy. 

Another way you can enquire on the painter’s timeliness is asking what systems they use in order to effectively estimate. For example at SAGE Painting, we have combined our years of expertise in the painting industry with advanced technology. We are able to input project measurements and surface types that are to be painted. We then receive an accurate estimate on materials, labour and timeframes. We’re even able to factor costs for additional things like scaffolding so the job can be done right the first time.

Who Will You Choose?

It can be a big decision when narrowing down the perfect painting company for your project. With these few outlines, we hope it can make your decision easier in discovering a company that’ll leave you with your expectations exceeded! If you’re within SAGE Paintings service area from Lake Macquarie to Port Stephens, contact our team today and see if we’re the right company to hire for your next painting project!