Can I Stay Home During Painting?

Can I Stay Home During Painting_

Here’s a common question we get from our customers: Will I need to be home while painting my house?

We leave the decision to you; however, we are versatile and can work within your expectations and the project length. Here are a few tips to help you decide if you want to be home during the painting project.

Reasons to Consider If You Want to Stay Home During a Painting Project

Project Duration and Efficiency

Painting a new house with smooth surfaces significantly cuts preparation work. However, if you want to paint an older house with peeling walls, it could take longer. Consider the current condition of the paint in your house and hire qualified painters to achieve the best results. Working with a painting company can help you decide the best course of action for painting and ensure that all finishes are acceptable at the end of the project.

There’s a lot of work to get the paint job perfect. We plan out the spaces that need painting and paint one room at a time to be more efficient. The first task we do before we paint is to cover all surfaces and areas to shield your furniture and belongings from spills and splatters. This also requires all tables, chairs, kitchen equipment, and other items to be secured and covered during the project duration. Make sure you are willing to live in this kind of house.

Should conditions warrant, we can paint a bedroom on the first day of the project (or leave a bedroom unpainted until the last day) and you’ll have a place to sleep if you want to be home. In half the time, a painting professional will do a great job in painting your home and working quickly and effectively to finish the project.

Paint Fumes

Projects where we paint cabinetry or other surfaces of wood give off a greater odour whereas ceilings and walls do not give off such a potent smell. The explanation for this is the paint and preparation process which requires chemical agents to clean and/or prepare the substrates for these surfaces. Every person has varying degrees of tolerance to the paint fumes.

Keep in mind that children with breathing issues and the elderly should limit the time of exposure to the fumes from interior painting. This could mean waiting for a few days before going back to a freshly painted space in your house. Try ventilating the space with air purifiers, fans, and open windows when they come back into the house.

Trust in Painting Professionals

We understand why you want to stay home for a painting project. Your house is your personal source of pride, and if there is an issue with the project, you want to be sure that the painting company will be there to finish the work.

Our professional painters are local, hard-working people who want to provide the most effective solutions to your exterior or interior painting challenges in your home. We’re eager to answer any of your questions, and we take pride in meeting our customers’ needs properly. We built the foundation of our company on long-term relationships and referrals from happy clients, rather than make a quick dollar and get away with a less-than-satisfactory job. Remember, we are in the “service” industry — our job is to serve you to the best of our abilities. 

When Can I Actually Stay Home During Painting?

Certain projects do not require you to be away from home.

Exterior Paint Projects

Since we will be outside of your home, we won’t be in your personal space on this project.  We don’t need anyone on the spot – we would need access to open any doors to make sure we paint the inner edges.

Home Repaints

Some rooms must be repainted more frequently based on their daily wear-and-tear, while others last much longer. We can also cover a sloppy DIY paint job up with a professional repaint. Even if the project is to repaint some wear-and-tear spots or painting mistakes on your walls, it makes more sense to stay at home.

Painting your home is a significant job for enhancing your home’s aesthetic value and freshening up your house. SAGE Painting is aware of these facts and recognizes the importance of a job well done will go a long way towards your peace of mind and the work being done right.

If you’re interested in painting the interior of your home, but don’t know which colour is the best, give us a call. At SAGE Painting, we can give you useful tips and work with you on your painting project.