How to Paint Your Commercial Office to Represent Your Business’s Brand

How to Paint Your Commercial Office to Represent Your Business’s Brand

Have you ever noted that some of the most popular retail stores and restaurants have a familiar colour scheme? 

Maybe you don’t have to see their logo to know what business they’re doing. The slogan, the colours and even the architectural style of the building show more about their company’s brand. The most popular businesses in Australia pair their logo and name to build recognition among their customers.

The external and internal walls of your company reflect your identity to your customers and clients. The colours you choose will improve your office space. In fact, commercial exterior paint with the colors that suit your brand will make an unforgettable impact for your consumers.

Choosing the right colours has a huge effect on the image you are delivering to those driving your brand. Not only does your commercial space reflect your brand, but it can also help you stand apart from your rivals.

Steps to Choosing the Best Commercial Paint Colors

  1. Review your brand guide. If you are a business owner, the company’s logo, business cards, website, social media accounts, and other branding tools can help decide the paint colors for your commercial building or office space.

Each brand guide has a colour swatch or palette that reflect your company’s principles and mission. Refer to this to ensure that your office complements your brand. We can help you decide on the best colors from your guide to enhance your commercial and office space.

  1. Consider trendy colors. Trends continually change, depending on how society shapes our popular culture. In real estate, design, sports, and more, our preferences influence colours.
  1. Look at your building and office’s layout and outdoor environment. Think about the office’s layout and the building’s architectural style. The layout and building materials decide the paint color’s appearance and durability. Here are a few questions to consider if you want to paint your building:
  • Does your building sit on a small lot?
  • Are the driveways, carparks, or paths only neutral colors?
  • What colors are the surrounding buildings?
  • Is your commercial building situated in a historic district, or in an urban area? (If this is the case, you will require the approval of the city historical society or the property management company/developer.)

The Psychology of Colours

If you are a property developer who needs to draw specific professional services, consider a neutral color scheme for a group of buildings.

If you ‘re a business owner who wants to show a cool, fashionable brand, add a splash of color. If you are looking to start a new company, then select the colours that reflect your brand. By focusing on what you want your building or office to reflect, you may select a corresponding brand color.


  • Red is also used in the food service industry to boost appetite
  • Creates excitement associated with discount sales
  • Great accent colour for the negotiator, salesperson, or anybody who wants to make their voice heard
  • Increases efficiency of workers that have detail-oriented assignments


  • Yellow colour reflects hope and youthfulness
  • It draws the interest of window shoppers and provides clarity
  • Ideal for creative professionals, where intellectual stimulation is important.
  • Keep in mind though this hue is positive, too much yellow is overstimulating and can induce anxiety.


  • Blue paint is popular in corporate companies because it is a reassuring and efficient colour
  • Encourages collaboration, trust, and productivity, thus opening the mind to fresh concepts
  • Provides a feeling of comfort and trust in a brand.


  • Orange is imaginative and implies aggression
  • It is a happy and optimistic colour
  • Orange is known to boost more oxygen into the brain.


  • Green paint is used mainly in shops and is synonymous with wealth and trust
  • Rich, deep green is ideal for healthcare and financial sectors
  • See how light can bounce off green. If your office has a lot of windows, a lime green can be a bit too blinding


  • Purple is an innovative, inventive, and wise colour
  • Mostly used in beauty-based businesses and salons

The decision lies with you: What colour do you want to paint the cubicles? Is saturation the most important element in selecting colours? Does glossy paint provoke a heightened energy response? (Yes.)

A professional paint job can offer your consumers the greatest opinion of your brand, and only skilled, experienced paint contractors in Newcastle will be able to do this. We can propose the right approaches to make sure your company colours stick out and attract your customers. So, pick the best professional painters to paint your company’s walls!